Roger Zimmerman (Tacoma)

I hired Roofing Solutions NW to replace my flat roof. I got 4 quotes – 3 for Torchdown roofs and one for PVC – and their PVC roof was lower cost, had twice the warranty, and was started and completed quickly and on short notice. The new roof looks to be much better than a normal Torchdown in many ways.

Sara Merchett (Tacoma)

When we decided to re-roof we got a recommendation from one of our friends who had their roof done by Roofing Solutions NW. They gave us a quote we thought was very reasonable and came out and met with us, explained the process and we scheduled the start of work.

We liked the way they kept the materials organized, so we had very little inconvenience, also they way they left the work-area clean at each day’s end. The job they did was excellent, and we were very happy with the results. The crew was also a pleasure to work with.

We would recommend them to our neighbors with no hesitation, as they were recommended to us. Thanks for a great job!

Harold Larrick (Seattle)

Roofing Solutions NW was one of 3 roofing contractors we called when we needed to replace our roof. They were very professional, and considerate of our time and our property, did the job they promised to do, and followed up to ensure our satisfaction.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the job they did. I give them 5 stars (out of 5) and would recommend them to anyone.

Fred Roberts (Federal Way)

Thank you for the wonderful repair job that you and your crew did for me. I will call you again when I am ready to have my whole roof replaced.

Frances & Larry Price (Edmonds)

We love our new roof, siding & gutters! They completely changed the look of our house!

Alan A. Hudina

I offered to write this testimonial for Alex and Roofing Solutions NW for many reasons, but first some background. My home is somewhat unique and with that uniqueness was, unfortunately a rather unique roof system. It is essentially a flat roof with parapets and the top floor HVAC ducts feed down through the roof. The roof is a combination of standing seam metal and an EDPM membrane, feeding into two scupper boxes. To complicate matters further, it is three stories and the location is subject to some rather strong winds. I also have 4 skylights and an ornamental metal top cap flashing atop the parapets to complement the metal exterior. For the last three to four years I have had intermittent leaks from the HVAC cutouts and some other areas as well. I have had no less than 6 different roofers/companies look at the roof. One made a rough estimate of $35,000, two others said outright that they did not want the job. The other three said they would get back to me, but no one ever did.

Now comes Alex of Roofing Solutions NW, highly recommended to me by someone in construction that I have known for 20 years. Alex inspected the roof and told me then and there how he would resolve the issues. His forthright and confident manner was a welcome relief from my other roofer experiences. He provided a timely, written contract/bid and guarantee that detailed the terms on which we agreed.

Alex and his employees were at all times courteous and respectful of the property. Alex was on site for most of the work and clearly seemed like someone who knew exactly what he was doing, as did his crew. The work was done as agreed and the result from start to finish was well beyond my highest expectations and completed at the agreed upon price. Please note, rarely does anyone meet my highest expectations, let alone exceed them.

Now some additional background, I designed and built the house. I worked directly with all of the subcontractors throughout the process from obtaining estimates, awarding the contracts, scheduling, inspecting and providing final payment. Some did very good work and others left much to be desired. I offer this so that when I tell you that if you need a roof or roof repair, call Roofing Solutions NW. If you have a unique, unconventional or problematic roof, definitely do yourself a favor and call Alex. This is not one of those anonymous endorsements or a testimonial from “M. Jones of Seattle.” Those never proved very helpful to me, so this is from me, Alan A. Hudina. As a legal disclaimer, I can only attest to the job Al’s Roofing did for me and I cannot guarantee anything other than the accuracy of this endorsement.

Zaher M. Mekkaoui – Director of Operation
Triangle Properties, LLC

When our 62,000 SF building in Redmond, WA needed a new roof, we were struggling to decide which roof we should install, the cost of the new roof, and which company to hire. We needed to make sure that whoever is going to install the new roof is experienced and can support their work if future problems arise.

I contacted and interviewed 4 companies that specialize in commercial roofing. I got more confused because I got 3 different approaches and cost that ranged from $145,00 for adding a layer over the existing torch down rolls to $350,000 for Thermoplastic TPO single membrane system.

Since it was going to be a large investment, I consulted with a friend who introduced me to the owner of Collaborative Construction Services (3COS) in Kirkland WA. Javad, the owner of 3COS visited the site and recommended the use of Duro-Last Roofing System.

3COS introduced me to Alex, the owner of Roofing Solutions NW. He was highly recommended because of the quality of work he did on previous projects, and his continuous support after the project is completed. Alex is also a Duro-Last Roofing system certified installer.

I contacted Alex and he came the second day to inspect the roof so he can give me his recommendations. We had a lot of issues with water collecting on all corners, drains higher than roof line, etc… in summary we had a lot of problems to deal with.
Alex was able to address all the issues and presented us with a plan that will guarantee the roof to be leak free. I liked Alex from the first time I met him. He presented himself as the installer and not only the sales person, he was very confident of what he was saying and almost everything he was saying regarding the issues we had made sense.

We awarded Roofing Solutions NW the contract for $225,000 to install a new Duro-Last Roofing system. It was the best investment we did. Alex was able to get the project done on time and on budget as promised. Alex was on site for most of the work and clearly knew exactly what he was doing. The work was done on schedule and as agreed. Alex also added walking ramps free of charge to allow the HVAC crew to walk around for maintenance. He also sent his crew in January to inspect and clean the roof. The project was very smooth and the result from start to finish was well beyond my expectations.

I have not had any issues with the roof since Alex completed the installation. I highly recommend using Roofing Solutions NW for any roofing project. You will not be disappointed!

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.